How To Start And Other How To's

How to:

How to Join

To join abatch go to the register page and fill out a member profile. Now, to give you a heads up, we ask for your name, hoping that this will slow down bad guys from registering. Also we want you to know your name will never be displayed or that your information will never be shared with others.

After you click register, you will recieve an activation email with a link in it, click the link in the activation email and you will go to a page at abatch that will activate your account.

After you active your account you can login and start listing your items to sell or services you provide

At abatch

  • We don't do in cross-marketing or link-referral programs with other sites.
  • We don't share your information with others.
  • We don't use tracking cookies.
  • We don't and won't send you unsolicited emails trying to sell you items

Make Your Profile

Also, after you login you will go to this page, your member page.

From here you can see an overview of your profile, the items you have listed, if these items are published, add items, edit items, add or delete photographs and change your profile and contact information.

List Items or Services to Sell

Entering An Item Or Service To Sell

  1. Click the "Enter an item" link on your member page, it well look like the member page above.

  2. Enter your items title, description, price if you want to enter a price and select a category for your item.

  3. After you enter your item's information you can click submit and you will go to a temporary preview page.

  4. Then you can see how your page is laid out and see if you want to make any changes, if not, you can publish your item from the temporary page or edit the item more if needed.

It's very simple and is easier to under stand once you post an item.

When you list an item or service be sure to include as much detail as you think the buyer needs to understand the item.

Make sure you list or post a picture of any flaws or problems that the item has that you know about, this puts everything out front and makes the buyer/seller relationship better.

How to Buy

abatch acts as the venue for sellers to list items and for buyers to respond. We are not involved in the transaction. Like other classified ad web sites we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised, the truth or accuracy of the ads, the ability of sellers to sell items, the ability of buyers to buy or the ability of seller to actually make a transaction.